Are you looking for someone that will capture your family's love?  Someone who will take the time to know you? Someone who has thoughts, ideas and options to create the best portrait of your unique family dynamic?

As Marlene of Marlene’s Designer Portraits, I am committed to creating a quality Wall Art Piece that will quickly become a cherished part of your heart and home, letting everyone who enters understand what you cherish most…your family.

My classic and timeless portrait style is designed to create beautiful dimensional lighting, natural posing and artistic compositions that will have your portrait last a lifetime.

Call me - let's chat!  (204) 326-1813


Marlene Fast  HLM, MPA, SPA, F.Ph.

Visual Storyteller - Portrait Artist

Professional Photographers of Canada

HLM Honourary Life Member 

MPA Master of Photographic Arts - 7 Bars

SPA Service of Photographic Arts - 1 Bar

Professional Photographers of Canada - Manitoba Region

F.Ph. The Honour of Fellowship - Diamond Level