Everything you’ve always wanted to know about Marlene!

Welcome to my Blog! I have been a photographer for over 30 years and have a studio in the beautiful countryside of a small town in southeastern Manitoba. I am proud to be a member of the Professional Photographers of Canada and Manitoba.

Many photographers know the exact moment when they got stung by the photo bug. Not me. All my life I’ve enjoyed looking into images (photographic or paintings) – note that I said ‘looking into’. Because that’s what I do. An image is not just what is on the surface – but what story does the image tell??? Who was the photographer/painter/artist? Why did they choose the method they did to create the image. What motivated them? What was their inspiration. What story are they trying to tell?

So when I got my first camera – a Kodak 44 instamatic camera – I felt I could record something that I would look at later and try to see what the story was. But that wasn’t enough. For a number of years I didn’t pick up a camera. Then a friend lent me her SLR – said there was film in the camera – and I proceeded to ’shoot’ everything in sight! Those are some of the best photographs I ever took! But, after taking about 75 shots it dawned on me…hmmm… shouldn’t I have had to change film by now? I opened the back of the camera and it was empty! No film! (Did I ever make that mistake again? No way – you live and learn.) All those images I took were in my mind – but since I had nothing tangible to remind me of what I did – they faded from my memory quite quickly.

I purchased my first camera in 1977 – a Yashica Mat twin lens reflex camera. Shot my first wedding with it as well. Well, the years have come and gone – and I’ve had numerous cameras – it’s just a tool, isn’t it? But the final output – the actual image that is captured and preserved stays the same.

I think after all these years I’ve finally tamed my inner struggle of how to describe what I do and what being a photographer is like for me. I’m a storyteller. I believe that every image tells a story – and it keeps on telling a story. That’s what I do. I’m not just a photographer – but a storyteller.