Family Composite Portrait


Hi Marlene.
I don’t even know where to begin. 2015 was the year of our 50th wedding anniversary and I wanted a family photo to celebrate this milestone. I had something very specific in mind, for a specific place in my home. You seemed a little doubtful that this could be done but were willing to come to my house to check. And wow! You came up with something you had apparently never done before. Each family got their own portrait, you put them all together, and it is absolutely amazing! Our photo shoot was less than an hour for 19 people and yet everyone looks amazing! And how you captured everyone’s personality in the picture is beyond me! Marlene, our portrait is amazing! You made us all look amazing! And you were so right, a 72″ portrait is not too big! We just love it! And I have not even said anything about your service, which was just up and beyond also! Thank you Marlene! We think you are amazing and just love you!
Dora & Bert Penner, Steinbach, Manitoba

I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again.  I love my clients – especially when they keep coming back!  I photographed Dora in 1989, their 4 daughters in 1990, Myra’s wedding in 1991, and then Alysia got married in 1995 and finally, Natasha’s wedding in 1999.  In 2006 I had a wonderful session with Cynthia and her beloved cat.  Two years ago, Dora and Bert came in for a portrait of just the two of them, and at that time she said their 50th anniversary was coming up in 2015.

She came in with her girls for a Portrait Design Consultation and, with 5 opinions, no one was exactly sure what we were going to do!   Dora indicated she wanted something different than what most people do with large family groups.  I was a bit stumped until I remembered seeing a wonderful photographer in the US that does a lot of Family Composites.  I suggested this to Dora and she loved the idea!  This was going to be a first for me!

On the 31st of October – the family came in, and I photographed each of the 5 groups.   I chose my favourite images of each family and composited them in one panoramic image.  They came in for the Ordering Appointment not knowing what to expect – but when they saw the completed design of the family portrait – they loved it!

Their entire order was ready for pick-up on December 12th (just two days before I left for England).  I was so happy that they would have their beautiful portraits for the Christmas season.  Her is a portrait of Dora and Myra picking up their order.

Thank you, Dora, for trusting me with a new idea – and then loving it!