Portrait in a bed of yellow flowers

“Again I say thank you to my most wonderful photographer. I really got into my flowers this summer. Marlene agreed to trek out to my flower bed on a very hot summer evening to capture this fun image. I have seen images of ladies lying on a bed of roses, I chose these happy pansies & Marlene got me to smile. She makes me being silly look good. And I still have thoughts for a future project.” Roxanne Poole, Winnipeg, Manitoba

This is the most recent portrait I photographed of Roxanne.   When I arrived at her condo today to photograph it on display, I noticed she was wearing the same clothes as the portrait and I knew exactly what she wanted!  A portrait of her in front of her portrait!   Isn’t it grand?


I had the privilege of photographing her a few other times!  The first time was when she turned 60.   I loved photographing in her condo and getting to know her!


Then in 2014 I got another call from her, really excited about an idea she had.  This time she came out to the studio .  Together we created some lovely images!    She sewed the skirt herself and a few months after the session, she was attending a wedding (wearing the skirt) and the photographer complimented her on it, and what did Roxanne do?   She gave it to the photographer!   (She needed to borrow a suit jacket as a cover-up to retain her dignity.   I’m still chuckling about that story!)


She told me of an idea she had that she wanted for a portrait, but it was too late to do anything in 2014, but earlier this summer I got a call from her, letting me know she had planted some lovely yellow flowers in a local park and wanted to be photographed surround by them.  Her accent colour in her condo is yellow and I loved the idea of creating something unique.  The only problem was that the flower bed was not very large and it was surrounded by a gravel pathway and a fence.  And we had a tree inside the flower bed we had to work with!


And Roxanne had no problem lying down amongst the flowers.  When we went back to the condo, so showed me where it was going to hang, and I realized that it was to be a vertical image, and I had taken a lot in a horizontal format.  But, going through the images, when I saw this one, I knew it was THE one.  Beautiful – just beautiful!


Here is the image (without the glare on the glossy finish she chose).


Thank you Roxanne for choosing me to capture the ideas you have.  Looking forward to our next ‘adventure’ together!