“I had my Red Carpet moment…”

Winnipeg Manitoba Portrait Photographer

“Dear Marlene,

Thank you, thank you once again for my amazing pictures!  I said I was hooked after my 60th Birthday Album & came back with a new idea & you delivered in spades!  I was in the fabric store last summer, saw a pattern for a high-low hemline dress & thought I am going to make one of those.  I have always watched the Academy Awards to see those beautiful women wearing those beautiful dresses. Once the skirt was made I knew I wanted it shown at its best & knew you were going to take my picture again. I borrowed some earrings, dusted off my pumps, tucked in my blouse & tried to look like a modern senorita. I didn’t think I would be nervous this time but once again was shaking in my shoes & put myself in Marlene’s hands. After a month of not hearing from Marlene I emailed to ask if she was having trouble finding a good picture in the bunch. She laughed & said she had 8 poses to show me. I made my appointment for the preview & couldn’t believe she made me look so good again & also smiling. My original goal was to have 1 large photo put on canvas for my bedroom…did that & brought the rest home to line a hallway. They all looked too good to pick just one. I had my Red Carpet moment on Marlene’s white sheets at her studio & have more ideas percolating. I am not done. Roxanne          P.S. 20” x 40” doesn’t look near as huge you think it might be.”

Roxanne Poole, Winnipeg, MB


A year ago I photographed Roxanne in her home.  She has a lovely condo which is very modern and sleek in design.  I knew I would need to create some striking and simple portraits of her so they would look amazing in her home.  When I first saw the skirt she had made I knew I had to show it off… it was so vibrant!  Roxanne was open to any ideas I had and she came with a few of her own.  In fact, the image she chose for her wall decor portrait was her idea – I just modified it.  She’s got amazing legs and I wanted to feature those as well with that skirt.   I am looking forward to her next idea.  She’s given me a hint already… something yellow this time…