Roxanne at 60 – wow!

At the beginning of February I received a phone call from Roxanne inquiring into my photography after a recommendation from Joel Ross.  She told she was turning 60 and wanted some portraits of this time in her life.   After a lengthy chat, I realized that she had a lot of ideas and I knew this was going to be a fun session!   When I arrived at her home on the 22nd of February for the portrait session, and walked in her door I was captivated by the wonderful view she had through the huge expanse of windows!   She gave me a tour of her home and I knew there were numerous opportunities to photograph.  She appeared a bit nervous at first but didn’t take long to relax.   Here are just a few of my favorite images from the session.

“Ron & I talked about you & my pictures all the way back to the city & then went to lunch to celebrate. They truly are wonderful. I was very nervous when you arrived to take the pictures. I questioned why I merited a picture on my 60th birthday. Half way into the snapping of the pictures I was so glad I went ahead with it. Now I have these amazing pictures & would do it again. Thanks for coming to my home & making a wish come true.”

Roxanne and Ron came to the studio for their Private Showing/Ordering Appointment where she saw her images for the first time in a slide show set to music.  In some special software that helps visualize what a album would look like, I had created a lovely Coffee Table book for her with 15 of my favorite images but she went on to say, “I couldn’t settle for just 15 of the pictures & I am making you work extra hard including all 29. No way I wasn’t having every one of your wonderful shots!”    Roxanne Poole, Winnipeg, Manitoba

She told me she loves her kitchen and wanted to do have a photograph taken there - what to do that wouldn't be cheesy? I thought this pose (with her suggestion) would be fun and different.


Loved this black chair! I noticed it as soon as I stepped into her home and just knew I was going to use it!



Towards the end of the session, she brings out a fun pink hat and asked if I could 'do something' with it. Absolutely! I love how the painting on the back wall mimics the colours in her bathing suit top and the hat and I adore her expression! For some reason it reminds me of Audrey Hepburn.


When she left after the Ordering appointment, she said that having a professional portrait taken is like an addiction – and that she would definitely be back!   That was the best complement she could have given me.