Sisters in Autumn

“I just love this picture of my girls. The colours are so vibrant and their faces seem to almost pop right off of the portrait.  I have a moment in time – to cherish for a lifetime.  Thanks Marlene – for taking this amazing picture of my 3 beauties. You made this experience effortless for me. I look forward to doing the next one.”  Jenn Loeppky, Niverville, Manitoba



I photographed each of these three beauties at about 6 months of age.  So it was wonderful to see how they’ve changed.  But, I did still see their personalities now that I could see at that time.  Mom wanted a portrait in fall.  The day we choose was windy and chilly, but the girls were so co-operative!   Children do change so much, and having a beautiful portrait created will forever remind you of who they were at a specific time of their lives!   I always say, “You can ‘stop time’ with a beautiful portrait!”.

I was happy that Jenn was so pleased with the portrait and she sent me a photo of it displayed in their home.

What better way to decorate your home than with beautiful portraits of those you love!  Thank you Jenn, for trusting me to create a beautiful portrait of your girls in the gorgeous autumn colours.