What is the 'Marlene' Experience?

What is the Marlene Experience?

If you have never had the Marlene experience, isn't it about time?

When your portrait session is complete you will leave feeling cared for, energized yet relaxed. You will be confident that every detail was entrusted to a professional. And, you will be excited to return to preview your portraits because you just know they’re going to be amazing.

That’s the Marlene experience. From the moment you meet her warmth and genuineness are evident. During the session her speech and mannerisms will put you at ease. Knowing before you even see the portraits that they are going to be great is part of the Marlene experience.

"You have a gift Marlene, truly. A gift that is unique to you and it brings so much honour to the families whose portraits you capture. Your easiness and joy behind the camera instill a sense of peace in us as we gather up the children and use bribes to make them behave and smile." Desmond and Rebecca Snyman


Pre-Planning Session

There is so much more to a portrait session than simply showing up and clicking the shutter. It is at the Pre-Planning Session where you will have the opportunity to tell me about your family, who you are, what your relationships are and why now is an important time to be photographed.

Many people may know that they want to have their family photographed but struggle with how they want them to look. The Pre-Planning Session is an opportunity to really get to know your family’s style so I can design a session that will truly reflect YOU. Remember this portrait will be proudly displayed in your home, you want it to be a reflection of who you are and a source of pride and joy whenever you view it or share with your guests and friends.

The Portrait Session

It is very common once the portrait session is complete that clients remark about how much fun they had, that they were relaxed and that they enjoyed spending time with their family. It becomes more of a family event for them than a portrait session.

"As I knew you would, you have captured the essence of our family in such a way that the images bring tears to our eyes and laughter to our hearts."  Desmond Snyman  Read more

In the studio a simple and timeless background is an option frequently chosen. Each successful portrait has specific control of lighting to create wonderful three-dimensional portraits. These elements combine in the creation of a portrait where all attention is on the expressions and relationships people have with each other.

So whether in studio, outside in my yard or in a location that may hold a special memory (including your own home), you can trust that your portrait will be a true reflection of you and the people you love and call family.

You will be taken care of as I take special pride in being able to relax people and capture their personalities and relationships.

Selecting Your Portraits

This is a time of excitement.

Seeing your images for the first time, it is not uncommon to reach for a tissue when feeling the impact and emotion that viewing your images may bring.

This is also a time of decision.

Your images have been prepared and finished to what I, as the artist have envisioned and discussed during your planning session. Only images that meet my standards will be shown as I help you through the process of choosing your favourites. Like others before you, you will value and appreciate the help and guidance in choosing the best portrait for your wall, as well as other portraits for gifts.

The best part is that once you leave the ordering session, your part is done…no more thoughts, planning or decisions…the only thing left is to receive your beautiful portraits.

I guarantee you’ll love your images. If for any reason you’re not happy with them, I’ll do another session without charge. It’s important to me that the images I create for you meet or exceed your hopes. Satisfaction is my goal and promise.

For your convenience, as you will be placing your order at this appointment, Visa, Mastercard, Interac, Cash and Cheque are accepted.  Interest-free payment plans are also available.

The Final Step

The best part – receiving your portraits.

Your reaction may be one of joy, laughter or even tears. While delivery of your portrait can be arranged, many choose to pick theirs up at the studio. If so, your portrait will be displayed in my front entrance ready and waiting for your arrival.

I remember one particular occasion where my client arrived but being on the phone I wasn’t able to greet her immediately as I usually do.

All I heard was silence.  When I walked out to greet her, she was standing very still, with her hand over her heart, and tears in her eyes.  I asked her what was wrong.  She said, "Nothing - it's just that this portrait is so special to me, as all 4 of my young adult children are leaving shortly to go to different universities in other cities and provinces."   She said she would cherish this portrait each and every day.